The Cambridge Conference 2017

Mapping Nations: The Next Decades

Keble College, Oxford, Great Britain

2–6 July 2017

35 speakers

The Cambridge Conference 2017 will examine some of the greatest challenges we face as a transnational community. Economic, social, technical – perhaps even philosophical.

We will consider how national mapping and geospatial organisations must adapt to face those challenges in the next decade, and how as a result we can make a more influential contribution to communities all around the world.

About the conference

Cambridge Conference is a meeting of Chief Executives and senior leaders from national mapping, geospatial and cadastral organisations from around the world.

The programme focuses on the everyday challenges we face:

  • Day one – the world changing around us.
  • Day two – changes in the geospatial environment.
  • Day three – how we can rise to the challenge.
  • Day four – visit Ordnance Survey head office and see directly how the organisation is evolving to meet the challenges of a changing world.

If you have not received your invitation and would like to attend, please email We regret that the conference is unable to support delegates financially.

International Advisory Panel

An international advisory panel was formed to help us develop the right balance of speakers. It includes:

Dr Derek Clarke, Head of the National Mapping Organisation in South Africa

Mr Timothy Trainor, U.S. Census Bureau, Chief Geospatial Scientist

Mr Rolando Ocampo Alcántar, Vice-President, Governing Board of INEGI, Mexico

Mr Sultan Mohammed Alya, Director General, Ethiopian Mapping Agency

Mr Tan Boon Khai, Chief Executive, Singapore Land Authority

Dr Saad al Hamlan, Geospatial Information Center Director at the General Commission for Survey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mr Winston Donovan, Chief Surveyor, British Virgin Islands

Mr Bengt Kjellson, Director General & Chief Executive of Lantmäteriet

Dr Li Pengde, Deputy Director General - National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China

Programme 2–6 July 2017

Conference Objective
Building on the success of previous conferences, The Cambridge Conference 2017 will examine the drivers that face the world over the next decades and enable leaders to consider how national spatial data infrastructures and National Mapping and Geospatial Agencies (NMGA) will have to adapt to contribute fully to our changing societies.

Speakers are leaders in their field, from government, academia and industry.  The selection of speakers has been set to meet the subject matter that the Cambridge Conference Advisory Panel is keen to cover.  Some speakers are listed as ‘invited’ – if they become unavailable or unable to attend, then speakers covering similar subjects will be invited.  We are grateful to the Advisory Panel – they are listed above.

The programme is designed to maximise the opportunity to engage with colleagues both during the day and the customary wide-ranging social programme that introduces us to some of Oxford’s great treasures.

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